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  • Saturday, October 22

    6 PM (84 mins)

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Many Dreams Along the Way

(Molti sogni per la strada)
(Woman Trouble)


Anna Magnani, Massimo Girotti, Checco Rissone, Dante Maggio,

Magnani adapted the boisterous comedy of her irreverent stage revues to the gentler, sadder aspects of neorealism in this film. It is the tale of a Roman housewife who innocently thwarts her luckless husband’s efforts to make a dishonest living. As in many a commedia all’italiana, the setting is a harsh one—poverty, unemployment, and the petty crimes of a man caught between economic pressures and family devotion. Still, New York Times critic Bosley Crowther found in the film a “fragile poignancy.” Magnani’s warmth and coarseness are a perfect foil for the taut misery of costar Massimo Girotti (Ossessione).