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  • Saturday, October 15

    6 PM (78 mins)

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  • Friday, October 21

    6:30 PM (78 mins)

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The Bandit

(Il bandito)

BAMPFA Student Committee Pick


Amedeo Nazzari, Anna Magnani, Carlo Campanini, Eliana Banducci,

Like Rome Open City, The Bandit examines the layers of violence in which individuals were caught up amid the turmoil of war-torn Italy. Ernesto (Amedeo Nazzari) returns from a German POW camp to find his mother dead, his sister disappeared, his home gone. After a killing, Ernesto becomes a man on the run, linked to the seductive and ruthless Lydia (Anna Magnani) and her criminal gang. Ernesto tries to maintain a sense of honor but his Robin Hood instincts are thwarted at every turn—and Magnani is no Maid Marian as the two become the quarry of a manhunt in the hills outside Turin.