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  • Sunday, October 2

    4:30 PM (78 mins)

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Full Speed

(Tempo massimo)


Vittorio De Sica, Milly, Camillo Pilotto, Anna Magnani,

Magnani has a small but spirited part as a maid in this delightful comedy of errors. Vittorio De Sica is a dreamy, repressed young professor who is awakened to life by a woman, Dora (Milly), who literally lands in his life—via parachute. His attempts to pursue the manly arts in order to win Dora’s love are comically unsuccessful. Moreover, the film features “songs by Vittorio De Sica.” Lovely shots of northern Italy and a breakneck chase through the bustling streets of Milan complete the picture, which was directed by a well-known comedy director who also produced some of the best theatrical revues of the day.