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  • Sunday, November 20

    7 PM (117 mins)

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The Rose Tattoo


Anna Magnani, Burt Lancaster, Marisa Pavan, Ben Cooper,

Magnani made her American film debut with The Rose Tattoo and Hollywood repaid her with a well-deserved Oscar. If the role of Serafina seems to have been created with Magnani in mind, it was: Tennessee Williams wrote the original play for her, although she was too unsure of her English to appear on the American stage. In a small bayou town, Serafina wears widowhood like a mantle, living in remembered passions and stifling her own boisterous eccentricity. Alvaro Manziacavallo (Burt Lancaster), a joyful lummox with a full heart and a full bottle, cajoles Serafina out of this morbid adoration, releasing her explosive emotions with his own.

Judy Bloch