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(L'onorevole Angelina)
(The Honorable Angelina)

BAMPFA Student Committee Pick


Anna Magnani, Nando Bruno, Ave Ninchi, Ernesto Almirante,

Magnani won Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival for her funny and formidable portrait of an accidental activist in this populist comedy. A mother fighting to keep her family afloat in the squalid suburbs of Rome, Angelina (Magnani) rallies her fellow housewives in defiance of corrupt landlords and black-marketeers. Soon she is at the center of a full-fledged movement, and her husband is relegated to serving the pasta—at least until domestic order reasserts itself in the end. Angelina’s leadership is driven not by ideology but by a fierce maternal nature: in the film’s brand of proto-feminism, personality is political.

Juliet Clark