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What is Flickr?

Flickr is a website where digital photos can be uploaded for sharing via the internet. Basic accounts on Flickr are free of charge.

I've got a Flickr account. How do I find the Barry McGee @ BAM/PFA Group?

The Barry McGee @ BAM/PFA group can be found here. Once you join the group (click "Join this Group?" and confirm), you can share your photos by submitting them to the group's pool.

I've joined the Barry McGee @ BAM/PFA Group. How do I add my photos?

Go to your photo's page, click on "Send to Group," and then select "Barry McGee @ BAM/PFA" from the drop-down list. That's it! If you want to add a lot of photos to our group in a batch, click on "Organize," go to the "Groups" tab, select all of your Barry McGee photos from the filmstrip (at the bottom) and drag them into the Barry McGee @ BAM/PFA Group.

I've joined the Barry McGee @ BAM/PFA Group, and added my photos to the Group Pool, but I still don't see them on bampfa.berkeley.edu/exhibition/mcgee. What now?

To display on the BAM/PFA website, the photos need to be submitted to the Barry McGee @ BAM/PFA Group. Our website picks up new photos from the pool within a few hours. If you check back in a while, they should be displayed.