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Today's Film Programs

Mario Monicelli: Satires, Capers & Sendups
7:00 p.m. For Love and Gold
Mario Monicelli (Italy, 1966) 
Yugoslav Avant-Garde Cinema, 1950s–1980s Ex-Film from an Ex-Land
5:00 p.m. The Experimental Film Movement in Serbia: Years of Structure (1960s–80s)

Current Film Series

link image thumbnail Discovering Georgian Cinema
September 26 - April 19
Inspired by BAM/PFA’s significant holdings of Soviet Georgian films, Discovering Georgian Cinema explores the rich cinematic tradition that has emerged from this distinctive cultural milieu during the past century. Including over fifty programs presented over seven months, this series offers multiple opportunities to encounter an impressive range of stylistic approaches and thematic concerns, as well as lyrical depictions of Georgia’s spectacular landscape.

link image thumbnail Jean-Luc Godard: Expect Everything from Cinema
January 16 - April 19
Our yearlong Jean-Luc Godard retrospective continues with some of the master’s more recent films, as well as two of his monumental, rarely screened serial essays, France/tour/détour/deux/enfants and Histoire(s) du cinéma. “A body of work that is truly rich and strange, and as ambitious, diverse, and inspiring as anything (Godard) produced in his supposed 1960s heyday” (Michael Temple & James S. Williams).

link image thumbnail Film 50: History of Cinema
January 21 - April 29
Our annual film-lecture course, copresented with UC Berkeley's Department of Film and Media, showcases an exciting lineup of world cinema classics, globetrotting between continents and featuring strong examples from various film movements and historical periods.

link image thumbnail Mario Monicelli: Satires, Capers & Sendups
March 5 - April 19
Fresh from a successful New York run, this nine-film spotlight on director Mario Monicelli reveals a director responsible for some of Italy’s biggest comic hits but who remains little known in the United States. Some of Italy’s greatest stars—Marcello Mastroianni, Anna Magnani, Totò, Claudia Cardinale, Alberto Sordi—appear here, many in roles that made or defined their careers.

link image thumbnail Yugoslav Avant-Garde Cinema, 1950s–1980s Ex-Film from an Ex-Land
March 11 - March 29
This landmark series brings to light a critically important, yet little-known, realm of cinema: the wave of avant-garde films that emerged in the countries of former Yugoslavia. We’ve invited the Slovenian Cinematheque, the Croatian Film Association, and the Academic Film Center, Belgrade, to curate programs showcasing films from their collections. Discover an experimental film movement of extraordinary richness, inventiveness, and uncompromising political engagement.

Upcoming Film Series

link image thumbnail Seconds of Eternity: The Films of Gregory J. Markopoulos
April 1 - April 2
One of the great visionary filmmakers of the twentieth century, Markopoulos was an equally insightful writer on film aesthetics, theory, and criticism. These programs coincide with the launch of Film as Film: The Collected Writings of Gregory J. Markopoulos. The book’s editor, London-based film curator Mark Webber, introduces and signs books at each screening.

link image thumbnail Special Screening: Wong Kar-wai
April 8 - April 8
A special screening of a new 35mm print of In the Mood for Love, the most universally acclaimed film of the twenty-first century.

link image thumbnail Afterimage: Filmmakers & Critics in Conversation Nino Kirtadze
April 9 - April 11
Born in Tbilisi and based in France for many years, filmmaker Nino Kirtadze is known for documentaries that explore contemporary Georgia, Russia, or the relationship between the two. She joins us for short residency to present her work and to discuss them, and the issues they raise, with film critic Michael Guillen. Don't miss the special free Friday matinee of The Pipeline Next Door, a wrenching look Georgian farmers trying to take on the BP oil corporation.

link image thumbnail Committed Cinema: Thomas Allen Harris
April 14 - April 15
Thomas Allen Harris (E Minha Cara/That’s My Face, VINTAGE: Families of Value) situates stories of his own family within larger contexts to open possibilities of political action and social change. He visits BAM/PFA to present two of his visually striking and insightful essay films and discuss his new groundbreaking documentary on African American photographers with UC Berkeley professor Leigh Raiford, author of Imprisoned in a Luminous Glare: Photography and the African American Freedom Struggle

link image thumbnail Afterimage: Filmmakers & Critics in Conversation: J. P. Sniadecki
April 21 - April 22
We are pleased to host J.P. Sniadecki, one of the foremost “new ethnographic” filmmakers, artists who look towards cinema as a way, he says, “to allow viewers to have their own sense of the fabric of a place, and to gain experiential knowledge of life there.” Sniadecki joins us to present two programs of his films and discuss his work with local critic Max Goldberg. We are also excited to punctuate this series with a screening of his acclaimed new documentary, Iron Ministry, in May as part of the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival; stay tuned for details.

link image thumbnail Film & Video Makers at Cal
May 8 - May 8
Our annual program presenting work by the 2015 winners of the UC Berkeley Eisner Prize in film and video, along with a diverse sampling of videos from the competition.