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Today's Film Programs

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
African Film Festival 2015
7:00 p.m. New Voices: African Shorts
Cameroon/Kenya/Tunisia, 2013–14
Film 50: History of Cinema
3:10 p.m. Battleship Potemkin
Sergei Eisenstein (USSR, 1925)

Current Film Series

link image thumbnail Discovering Georgian Cinema
September 26 - April 19
Inspired by BAM/PFA’s significant holdings of Soviet Georgian films, Discovering Georgian Cinema explores the rich cinematic tradition that has emerged from this distinctive cultural milieu during the past century. Including over fifty programs presented over seven months, this series offers multiple opportunities to encounter an impressive range of stylistic approaches and thematic concerns, as well as lyrical depictions of Georgia’s spectacular landscape.

link image thumbnail Ready for His Close-Up: The Films of Billy Wilder
January 15 - February 28
The superlative American director Billy Wilder, who wrote and directed over two dozen films, worked the fine, serrated edge between—between dark noirs and ribald comedies, between blithe romance and sorrowful drama. Our series showcases his pithy storylines, breakneck banter, and award-winning casts, and includes Sunset Blvd., Double Indemnity, Sabrina, The Lost Weekend, Some Like It Hot, and more.

link image thumbnail Jean-Luc Godard: Expect Everything from Cinema
January 16 - April 19
Our yearlong Jean-Luc Godard retrospective continues with some of the master’s more recent films, as well as two of his monumental, rarely screened serial essays, France/tour/détour/deux/enfants and Histoire(s) du cinéma. “A body of work that is truly rich and strange, and as ambitious, diverse, and inspiring as anything (Godard) produced in his supposed 1960s heyday” (Michael Temple & James S. Williams).

link image thumbnail African Film Festival 2015
January 17 - February 17
This year’s edition of our annual African Film Festival focuses on liberation movements—both today and in the past—and on women filmmakers, including one of the first women to make films in Africa, Sarah Maldoror.

link image thumbnail Film 50: History of Cinema
January 21 - April 29
Our annual film-lecture course, copresented with UC Berkeley's Department of Film and Media, showcases an exciting lineup of world cinema classics, globetrotting between continents and featuring strong examples from various film movements and historical periods.

link image thumbnail Documentary Voices
January 27 - February 24
This year's edition of our annual spring series Documentary Voices features masters of the medium, from Robert Flaherty to Frederick Wiseman to Harun Farocki. Presented in conjunction with the UC Berkeley course History of Documentary Film taught by Linda Williams, the series continues through April.

Upcoming Film Series

link image thumbnail Eric Baudelaire / MATRIX 257
February 4 - February 21
MATRIX 257 features the work of French-American artist Eric Baudelaire, who explores intricate facets of representation through a keen unraveling of entangled narratives. The exhibition comprises film screenings at the PFA Theater and an installation, film screenings, and public conversations at Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco.

link image thumbnail Afterimage: Filmmakers and Critics in Conversation: Mati Diop
February 19 - February 21
French filmmaker Mati Diop, who started as an actress in Claire Denis's 35 Shots of Rum, is known for “beautifully inscrutable” films “drawn from memory, experience, and chance encounters” (André Picard). We are delighted that Diop joins us to present and discuss her work in conversation with Genevieve Yue, coeditor of Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture.

link image thumbnail Serialities 1915/2015
February 25 - February 27
The programs in this series, presented as part of the Third International Berkeley Conference on Film and Media, reflect just a fraction of what can happen when single films, artists, and television go serial. Why have serials—on television, online–become the quintessential expression of our postindustrial, digital age? Join us for some intriguing examples of the serial form and special presentations by scholars Mark Sandberg, Paolo Cherchi Usai, and Michael Zryd..