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Werner Schroeter: Magnificent Obsessions

Sunday, March 31, 2013
5:00 p.m. Johannas Traum and Rare Early Work

Introduction/Stefan Drössler

Stefan Drössler, director of the Munich Filmmuseum and an expert on the history of German cinema, organized the tour of Schroeter’s films.

This presentation of Schroeter rarities includes examples of his early experimental work, digitally preserved by the Munich Filmmuseum. Aggression, Schroeter’s first 16mm film, is a portrait of a woman; in Paula—"Je reviens," Schroeter stages actors in an empty room; and in Argila, a love triangle is revealed in split-screen. In the later Johannas Traum, Schroeter evokes the visions of Saint Joan, drawing on unused footage of Candy Darling and Ingrid Caven pantomiming in his 1972 film The Death of Maria Malibran.

Paula—"Je reviens" Werner Schroeter, West Germany, 1968, 31 mins, Color, DigiBeta, From Munich Filmmuseum collection.
AggressionWerner Schroeter, West Germany, 1968, 22 mins, In German (minimal dialogue), B&W, Blu-ray, From Munich Filmmuseum collection.
Argila Werner Schroeter, West Germany, 1969, 33 mins, In German with English subtitles, B&W/Color, Blu-ray, From Munich Filmmuseum collection.
Johannas Traum Werner Schroeter, West Germany, 1975, 19 mins, Color, Blu-ray, From Munich Filmmuseum collection.

Total running time: 105 mins