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Werner Schroeter: Magnificent Obsessions

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
7:00 p.m. Willow Springs
Werner Schroeter (West Germany, 1973)

In Person/Actor and editor Ila von Hasperg
Introduction/Tom Luddy

Schroeter set out to make a film about Marilyn Monroe ten years after her death as a meditation on the new feminism in America. The result was this bizarre chamber melodrama about three women who turn an abandoned shack in the Mojave Desert into a kind of Charles Manson commune. The three lure men to their lair, force them to have sex, then rob and murder them. With a music track that includes Bizet, Yugoslavian folk tunes, the Andrews Sisters and the Blue Ridge Rangers, Schroeter fashions a spectacle of female power which critics have compared to Fassbinder's The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant and Altman's Three Women.

—San Francisco Cinematheque

• Written, photographed by Schroeter. With Magdalena Montezuma, Christine Kaufmann, Ila von Hasperg, Michael O’Daniel. (76 mins, Color, Blu-ray, In English and German with English subtitles, From Munich Filmmuseum, permission film & kunst)

Preceded by:
Argila (Werner Schroeter, West Germany, 1969). A delirious love triangle between two women and a passive man plays out on two images in Schroeter’s imaginative experiment with split-screen cinema. (36 mins, In German with English subtitles, B&W/Color, Blu-ray, From Munich Filmmuseum, permission film & kunst)

Total running time: 112 mins