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At Jetty’s End: A Tribute to Chris Marker, 1921–2012

Friday, November 30, 2012
7:00 p.m. To Chris Marker, An Unsent Letter
Emiko Omori (U.S., 2012)

Special Sneak Preview!
In Person / Emiko Omori

Chris Marker was legendary for his resistance to tributes, to summings up, to slatherings of praise. He was notably reclusive, though surrounded by a coterie of fellow dabblers and all things small and furry. Thus it is supremely appropriate that Emiko Omori’s fond hommage to Marker should be a letter “unsent.” Collating the recollections of familiars and fans, such as Tom Luddy, David Thomson, Peter Scarlet, and Marina Goldovskaya, Omori has fashioned a global romp through Marker’s intentionally murky past. His exemplary duo, La jetée and Sans soleil, is pithily placed at the center of a life obscure and desirous. Perhaps Omori’s greatest tribute to Marker is in honoring his beautifully manicured mystery, the ambiguous outlines of his life and art. A Letter Unsent arrives post-haste nonetheless.

—Steve Seid

Written and photographed by Omori. With Marina Goldovskaya, David Thomson, Tom Luddy, Guillaume. (78 mins, Color, Digital, From the filmmaker)