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Multiple Sidosis

Celebrating Amateur Film

Sunday, February 28, 2010
3:00 p.m. Sid’s Cinema: A Tribute to Amateur Filmmaker Sid Laverents
Sid Laverents (U.S., 1963–85)

Introduced by Ross Lipman and Melinda Stone

Ross Lipman is an independent filmmaker and film restorationist at the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

A special event for cinema lovers of all ages! We celebrate the life of Sid Laverents, the maker of the amazing amateur film Multiple Sidosis, chosen to the National Film Registry’s list of most significant American movies. Laverents, who was a member of San Diego Amateur Moviemakers, passed away in May at one hundred years of age. An excerpt from his autobiographical masterpiece, The Sid Saga, will be screened, as well as a selection of his amateur films preserved by Ross Lipman at the UCLA Film and Television Archive. The New York Times described Laverents as “a distinctly American artist: a rec-room tinkerer with . . . can-do optimism. . . . Following his own whims rather than any cultural movement, he turned himself from a one-man band into a one-man independent movie studio. . . . Running through all of his movies is his sense of humor, which braids vaudeville, Looney Tunes, slapstick, and the drollery of old New Yorker cartoons.”

The Sid Saga (1985, 20 mins excerpt, Video). It Sudses and Sudses (1963, 9 mins, 16mm). One Man Band (1965–72, 10 mins, 16mm). Stop Cloning Around (1980, 15 mins, 16mm). Multiple Sidosis (1977, 10 mins, 35mm transferred from 16mm)

• (Total running time: c. 65 mins, Color, From UCLA Film and Television Archive)