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Sunday Video

Sunday, April 20, 1980
2:00 p.m. A Richard Alpert Video Program
Richard Alpert (USA,1974)
Richard Alpert (USA,1976)
Richard Alpert (USA,1979)
Richard Alpert(USA,1979)
Richard Alpert (USA,1980)

Artist in Person!

Admission Free

Richard Alpert’s works are concerned with performance sculpture, video and concept-oriented drawing and object sculpture. A central issue has been the use of sound as an integral part of his work. He is currently interested in action that possesses an inherent ordering system, in turn creating a framework for information conveyed by sound.

Strategy for a Dance
A tape of a performance with photographic inserts. The piece is based on the relationship established by initiating an action on an object causing a defensive position to be assumed in response to the result of this action. It is this relationship that determines the choreographic aspect of the piece.
• (1974, 16 mins)

Post Time
A metaphor for a situation where a person tries to control events that are inherently beyond control. The test is correlated visually with drops of lacquer as they are dropped into a glass of water.
• (1976, 1 min)

A Circular Route
Centered around a statement about the circularity of emotions, this piece reflects the artist’s most current interest in self-ordering actions that generate sounds.
• (1979, 19 mins)

The Opacity of Order
A collaborative work between the artist and the poet David Bromige. In this work, as the camera traverses a grove of trees, a seemingly natural occurring forest is revealed to have been planted by man in discrete and organized rows. The text serves to underscore the question of how we understand the factual nature of our surroundings, and how order seems to be the foundation of our perceptual understanding of things.
• (1979, 3 mins)

Plus: A new work, Facture.