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Joan Blondell: The Fizz on the Soda

Friday, June 27, 2008
7:00 p.m. Lizzie
Hugo Haas (U.S., 1957)

Based on a novel by Shirley Jackson, Lizzie manifests a distinctly fifties fascination with multiple personality disorder: The Three Faces of Eve was released later the same year. Eleanor Parker stars as timid, troubled museum secretary Elizabeth—as well as wild, sluttish Lizzie and good-natured, well-adjusted Beth, all competing for control of a single body and mind. Blondell is delightful as Elizabeth’s “scabrous whiskey-guzzling
aunt. . . . There was not a shred of vanity in Joan’s performance as she shuffled around in an unflattering house robe or dowdy print dresses. . . . She was pleased with her performance in Lizzie, calling it her best since A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” (Matthew Kennedy).

• Written by Mel Dinelli, based on the novel The Bird’s Nest by Shirley Jackson. Photographed by Paul Ivano. With Eleanor Parker, Richard Boone, Joan Blondell, Haas. (81 mins, B&W, ’Scope, 35mm, From Warner Bros.)