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Tuesday, September 2, 1997
Alternative Requirements 1997: Recent Works from Bay Area Film and Videomakers

This annual program of films and videos, now in its seventh year, features new experimental works by Bay Area students. The nature of student work is, of course, to ask questions-to question existing structures and institutions, and to do this without necessarily providing answers and solutions. The artists in tonight's program variously explore family, identity, representation, and perception, as well as question the very mediums of film and video. They leave the audience to draw their own conclusions.Tonight's program includes works from California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco City College, San Francisco State University, Stanford University, and UCB. The program is curated by Jess Fulton, Anne McGuire, Jennifer Meehan, Christine Metropoulos, and Leslie Tran as part of an internship offered by the UC Berkeley Film Studies Program and Pacific Film Archive.

• Hotpoint by Adrienne Ferrari (1 min, 3/4" video). Figuren by Edward Schindler (3 mins, B&W/Color, 16mm). Arrival by Steve Polta (13 mins, super-8mm). The Garden by Johanna Thompson (4.5 mins, 3/4" video). A World Within by Nicholas Rosenberg (1996, 8 mins, 1/2" video). recursion by Jay Capela (1996, 16 mins, B&W/Color, 16mm). TV Mirror by Howie Cherman (1996, 4.5 mins, B&W/Color, 3/4" video). Boys Suck by Javier Francisco (10 mins, B&W, 1/2" video [corr: 3/4" video]). Generation Loss by Sean Bokenkamp (13 mins, 16mm). Alive in COLMA by Nan Bress (1996, 4 mins, B&W, 16mm [corr: 3/4" video]). ROOM 101 by Etienne Kallos (15 mins, B&W/Color, 3/4" video). (Total running time: 92 mins; all works 1997, Color, unless indicated otherwise)