The Bride

by Joan Brown, 1970

Who are the main characters in this painting?

Where are they?

What do you think their relationship is to each other?

Although this painting looks flat, Joan Brown created the illusion of three "layers" of depth: the
background, the midground, and the foreground.

Find the background and click on it.

Find the midground and click on it.

Find the foreground and click on it.

Joan Brown was born in San Francisco, attended the San Francisco Art Institute, and later taught art at the University of California, Berkeley. Brown's art is very personal and

How do you think Joan Brown felt about animals?

Among Brown's favorite things were long-distance swimming, learning about far-away cultures, and animals (she was famous for adopting stray cats!). She was married four times.

Can you find any clues of these parts of her life in this painting?

Brown used many non-traditional
materials in her art, such as glitter, sequins, and fur. She liked to make huge paintings so she could "enter the picture and walk around in it." This painting is 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide!

If this painting suddenly came to life, what would happen? Make up a story and send it to us!

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