UC Berkeley Art Museum
Designed by Mario Ciampi, Richard L. Jorasch, and Ronald E. Wagner, 1970

What do you notice about the architecture of this building?

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Check the words listed below that you might use to describe this architecture to your friends:

  • Old-fashioned

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The museum building was created by the design team of Mario J. Ciampi, Richard L. Jorasch, and Ronald E. Wagner.

How would you recognize another building by these architects if you saw one?


The Berkeley Art Museum opened in 1970. The style of the museum building is known as modern. Most modern buildings were made during your parents' or grandparents' lifetime.

One characteristic of some modern buildings is that little is hidden from view. Notice how the concrete walls aren't painted. Some of the ceiling pipes are even visible. This gives the building a feeling of honesty -- what you see is what you get.

Another trait of modern architecture is the use of industrial materials. Materials are what a work of art or architecture is made out of. Often, the materials used in modern buildings are glass, concrete, and steel, instead of more traditional materials like brick, marble, and wood.